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Crystal Surgery Center offers cutting edge technology and the highest quality level of care so that you can be sure you’re getting the top of the line treatment during your procedure and after your recovery. There is no need to commit yourself to a hospital when selecting us to be your Medical Center. Put your trust in us and we’ll be sure to provide you with the quality of care you deserve.

Crystal Outpatient Surgery Center

950 Threadneedle Street
Suite 250
Houston, TX 77079

(713) 467-2453


Healthy Lifestyle Living

Everyone aspires to live a healthy life. Whether it is changing the way we eat, or taking a daily walk, we can steadily improve our daily lives to be better. Simply swapping out a snack for a healthier option such as fruits or vegetables ov

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What to Know Before Surgery

Surgery can be a scary thing, especially if it is our first time experiencing it. Millions of people around the world require surgery to fix an issue or problem that has come up due to an accident or other medical reason. Remember, you are

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Benefits of an Outpatient Surgery Center

Getting in and out of surgery is what everyone wants when they have to go under the knife. The benefits of our facility being an outpatient surgery center is that we do our best to have you out of the operation room the same day you came in

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We are a state of the art surgery center with room to grow. Whether you are a Physician or an Investor, we’d like to show you the opportunities that are available.

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